Allow Emporivm Spa to gently restore your life back into balance with it's marbled hot and cold pools, modern sauna and steam rooms. The lounge lets you unwind and the contemporary treatment room offers a setting for peaceful rejuvenation.


Enter the private Gentlemen Spa and feel your mood instantly adapt to its serene environment. Step into our pools and relax. Help yourself into a refreshing cold towel. Recharge your spirit.


The Juice Bar is ready to whip up fresh fruit juice of your choice. Pick a fruit or three. For a different eye-opening taste, have the mixologist create one for you. You will feel fit and ready for anything afterward.


    Contemporary treatment rooms with wood panels and ensuite shower


    Relax and enjoy the music. Live weekly performance from top acoustic bands

  • POOL

    Cold, warm, and cold pool. All ready to welcome you