Emporivm Hotel is an entertainment oasis in Central Jakarta. Located in the middle of the office district, Emporivm Hotel offers Karaoke Suites, Tease Club, and a private Gentlemen Spa. Come in for a quick getaway that will sure to boost your inner wellness.







Allow Emporivm Spa to gently restore your life back into balance with it’s marbled hot and cold pools, modern sauna and steam rooms. The lounge lets you unwind and the contemporary treatment room offers a setting for peaceful rejuvenation. Find Out More

At Tease night club, drink and dance the night away! Kick back and enjoy nightly performances by the hottest dancers in town. We have event nights that will amaze and tantalise your mind. Come and find out the reason behind the name “Tease Club"


Emporivm Karaoke boasts the latest technology in audio systems, offering unparalleled sound quality anywhere in Jakarta. Featuring song libraries from Indonesia, USA, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and many more. Sing to your heart’s content. Find Out More


Check out our upcoming events,
promos and happenings at Emporium. Find Out More